United Bergfest of the Art

The small victories The cankers and medallions They keep me thinking that someday I might beat you But I’ll just keep my mouth shut The little nothings It shouldn’t bother me But it does IF I SPEAK AT ONE CONSTANT VOLUME AT ONE CONSTANT PITCH AT ONE CONSTANT RHYTHM RIGHT INTO YOUR EAR, YOU STILL WON’T HEAR You still won’t hear


United Bergfest of the Art


ɯnɾ · HH

BF Emoji Smiley Alien L01 crop
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RoadMap crop

Road Map Icon, 512 px, black and white transparent .png

jumabc fastfood 296px crop

⇶ hot fastfood chinese take-away box with chop-sticks – 快餐 – #unicode equivalent 🍜 Steaming Bowl

jumabc smallvictory 296px
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photo 06

Roll the fuzzy dice

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Small Victories